What is a Code-A-Thon?

Code-a-thons are live events that bring together top developers, designers, health care professionals and entrepreneurs to prototype innovative applications and tools to foster health and wellness. Starting in 2010, we’ve helped teams assemble quickly around challenges and datasets to create magic. Participants eagerly garner insights from one another, speakers, and sponsors about datasets, APIs, and potential directions. Within 36 hours, teams have developed a concept and prototype. They pitch their prototypes to their peers and panels of expert judges. Our prizes, money and more, go to the best of the best. For participants, code-a-thons are always a great way to meet like-minded innovators and sharpen skills under pressure. In a number of cases, these team go on to build their next venture around their early prototypes. Sponsor companies have gone on to work with teams to develop new products and discover new talent



September 24-25, 2016

Build technology to help seniors manage their health care and costs using APIs from First Databank and PokitDok.

$8,000 in prizes


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